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Coffee Solutions

It’s time to elevate your coffee program.

Coffee Solutions

We’ve been there—go beyond craft roasted coffee with a partner that has owned cafés & knows the unique challenges of your business.


From start to finish, our coffee solutions offers comprehensive support on all facets of bean-to-cup solutions.  Specially curated packages include an extensive selection of premium quality coffee beans, an impressive range of state-of-the-art machinery, reliable technical service support and diversified financial arrangements. Each freshly-made cup of coffee is the true result of detailed thought and planning for your needs. We provide a large variety of coffee blends, including green beans, coffee beans, ground and decaf coffee. With global sourcing skills, recipes writing for business solutions & good relationship with farmers, a sustainable coffee supply can be maintained.



Leverage our expertise to create an exceptional coffee shop experience tailored to your needs. With a focus on sourcing the highest quality coffee, backed by a dedicated technical service team, and complemented by a knowledgeable staff capable of crafting the perfect espresso and latte, we ensure excellence in every aspect of your coffee program. Allow us to bring our wealth of experience to enhance your operations.

Elevate your Food & Beverage program to new heights by integrating a boutique coffee program perfectly tailored to complement your cuisine. Our extensive selection of roast profiles and blends, coupled with comprehensive staff training sessions and access to innovative products, enables you to deliver a sophisticated café experience to your esteemed guests



Enhance your guests’ experience by offering convenient luxury in-room and on-site café options, eliminating the need for them to seek out cafes elsewhere. By providing these premium amenities, you not only ensure their satisfaction during their stay but also foster repeat visits, enhancing guest retention and overall satisfaction.

Elevate your team’s daily coffee experience with our exceptional offerings. From the invigorating morning cup to the refreshing afternoon cold brew, we provide a café-quality coffee program designed to enhance productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

The Coffee Snobz coffee solutions are an ideal fit for every business that wants to make the best impression on its customers, employees and clients, including (but not limited to): Cafes and coffee shops  · Restaurants · Hotels · Offices · Healthcare Institutions · Colleges · Retail shops · Gas stations · Convenience stores · Condos/Apartment Complexes · Cafeterias · Hospitals · Specialty grocers · Fundraisers


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Our Core Values

In a world that is full of massive commercial coffee companies, we stand apart as an approachable craft roaster focused on delivering fresh, complex coffees.


We sell great coffee, products & equipment at competitive prices.

Whether you’re a café wanting a better coffee lineup to offer your regulars, or a retailer seeking a compelling brand—we’ve got you.


We are a craft roaster with a passion for specialty coffee.

All our coffees are hand-crafted in our small batch roaster, delivering perfection to our customers across the country.


Our goal is to get to know our customers and put them first.

Our business has been built upon relationships, and we strive to carry that value forward in everything we do.

Form a Relationship, not an Account Number

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences, not only for ourselves but also for your customers. Through responsible sourcing and artisanal roasting techniques, we ensure that each cup reflects the pinnacle of coffee excellence.

By partnering with us, you can trust that your coffee is meticulously crafted by a dedicated team that values quality, consistency, and the overall coffee journey.

As a Coffe Snobz wholesale customer, you’ll benefit from personalized support from a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you, ensuring that you feel like an integral part of our team. Together, let’s elevate the coffee experience for your customers.

Wholesale Partner

No matter the type of business we have the quality, price and service to meet your needs. Our beans are always roasted when you order it. We don’t just stockpile and shelve vast amounts of coffee to let it go stale before it ships out. You will always receive from us only the freshest product, as meticulously handled by our order fulfillment team as it was by our roastmaster.

Our wholesale program is all-inclusive and custom-made to your specific needs.

We offer free local delivery, barista training, maintenance to your coffee equipment and beyond.

Private Label

Why private label coffee? Private labelling coffee is an effective way to elevate your brand as well as boost recognition and build your customer base. Coffee ranks as the most favored drink after water. More than 50% of Americans of all ages consume 400 million cups every day.

We offer the flexibility of customizing your label and bag with full transparency and collaboration from our team. We’ll gladly partner with you for a consultation, send samples, and help you navigate bag and label customizations. From there, we’ll train our team to specialize in your packaging and coffee to prepare consistently quality coffee with each delivery.

Private Label Services:


We use our beans based on our recipes or your specifications. Send us samples of your coffee and our master roasters will create a benchmark to match it.


If you have green beans to be roasted Our master roasters will transform your green coffee beans into quality products that deliver the consistent results you expect.

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